Thank You
for 12 wonderful 
years of support!

7,085 riders
Over 2000 volunteers
Over 500 sponsors
The SPINDLETOP SPIN retires after 12 successful years!  
After 12 great years, the Spindletop Spin is retiring. There are not enough words of appreciation that could effectively communicate our deep gratitude for all past riders, sponsors and volunteers. 

THANK YOU for your unwavering support of the Spindletop Spin. Because of you, the Spin has consistently generated much-needed funds to support the charitable programs and activities administered by the Jefferson County Bar Association. 


The overwhelming success and growth of the Spin over the years has led to one significant drawback – the ride has simply outgrown us to the point where it is no longer feasible for us to continue holding the event. It was a very difficult decision for the Board and one that has been researched and evaluated for the last three years. Harvey helped put it into perspective for us.  We are confident that we can no longer continue to give our programs the attention they deserve while also providing the vast resources and time required to conduct a successful and safe Spindletop Spin.  

We thoroughly enjoyed the 12 year ride!  Your support made a huge impact - check out these statistics:

786 veterans have received FREE legal advice and/or representation for their legal needs including assistance obtaining their veteran benefits via the JCBA Veterans Legal Initiative

2,468 indigent Southeast Texans have received FREE legal representation to address their issues via the JCBA Pro Bono Program

219 foster children have been adopted by loving families via the Jefferson County National Adoption Day event

3,200 cases have been voluntarily mediated and settled relieving the crowded court system via the JCBA Settlement Week program

Over 35,587 area K-12 grade students have received civics education programming teaching effective and responsible citizenship committed to liberty, justice and the Rule of Law 

511 first-time juvenile defendants have appeared before the Evelyn M. Lord Teen Court providing them an alternative to the adult criminal justice system. 279 teenage volunteers have facilitated the court sessions serving as the prosecution, defense and peer jury to the defendants

335 callers have received FREE legal advice via the JCBA Legal Line sessions covering 317 legal issues.

Over $45,266 in scholarship awards have been distributed to area K-12 students via the Evelyn M. Lord Teen Court and Law Day scholarship competitions.