Caring for Children in Poverty on Children’s Day


——An public benefit activity of donating to pre-education children in Chilang Village, Nimi County by Tibet AIM Pharm

Through the introduction of the Lhasa Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, on June 1, Tibet AIM Pharm held a public welfare activity of “Caring for Family and Children in Poverty” in Chilang Village, Karu Township, Nimu County, Tibet on Children's Day.

Chilang Village, a remote village that has not been marked on the map in Tibet, opened the first cement road in 2010. Due to the terrain limitation, frequent occurrence of mudslides and falling rocks, the traffic is blocked, leading to failure of many children in the village to receive the outside world knowledge, lack of normal early childhood education. On May 23 this year, the first kindergarten was established in Chilang Village. Only one room vacated by the village committee was used as a classroom. Due to the limitations of teaching conditions, the kindergarten can only accept children over 5 years old. Currently there are 62 children learning here.


After passing through precipitous mountain road, nearly four hours of driving, the Tibet AIM Pharm task force represented by Xu Ke, deputy general manager and secretary of the board of directors, arrived at the destination at 11:30 in the morning. Most of the children in the Chilang Village Kindergarten still do not speak Chinese. They expressed their welcome to the guests who come to celebrate the Children's Day with carefully rehearsed program.

According to the actual situation of the kindergarten, the company brought the children's life and school supplies and hoped that they could learn more about the outside world through these books and CDs. The children cheered, and the small faces with the plateau red were filled with the desire for knowledge and the novelty of the outside world. They presented red scarves and Hada to express their happiness and gratitude.


As a listed company in the health industry, “serving the society and giving back to the society” is the aim of Tibet AIM Pharm. “In success, one tries to let others be benefited” is unswerving feelings of Tibet AIM Pharm. It is an honor for AIM Pharm staff to spend this meaningful Children’s Day with the children of Chilang Village.

After the event, Mr. Xu said, “The end of the event does not mean that the attention to the Chilang Village is over. Tibet AIM Pharm will continue to follow up on the education development of Chilang Village, and support the education development of Chilang Village in various ways.” Chairman Gao Fan also called on the whole company, “try our best to do public welfare regardless of time and location”. In the future, AIM Pharm staff will use the power of public welfare to hold up the hopes of children, spread love and will be incumbent on taking responsibility.


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