Tibet AIM Pharm Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Pengzhou Municipal People's Government


At 10am of May 22, 2018, “Chengdu·Pengzhou 2018 Beijing Investment Promotion Conference & Project Signing Ceremony” officially kicked off in Beijing. The Pengzhou Municipal Government and the Central Enterprise Investment Association, Tibet AIM Pharm, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Beijing Yiping Real Estate, Beijing Ginten Biotechnology, etc. held a centralized signing ceremony for 8 projects, with a total investment reaching 27.4 billion yuan, covering leading industries in Pengzhou, such as biomedicine, aerospace and mountain tourism. About 200 people from representatives of central enterprises and well-known enterprises from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region attended the ceremony. Mr. Gao Fan, Chairman of Tibet AIM Pharm, attended the signing ceremony as a representative of pharmaceutical companies.

The Pengzhou investment promotion theme activities were guided by the Central Enterprise Investment Association, the Chengdu Investment Promotion Committee, and the Chengdu State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, sponsored by the CPC Pengzhou Municipal Committee and the Pengzhou Municipal People's Government and undertaken by the Beijing Investment Promotion Center of the Chengdu Investment Promotion Committee and the Pengzhou Investment Promotion Bureau.

Wang Fengjun, deputy secretary of the Pengzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said that Pengzhou has formed a “two parks and one district” (aerodynamic industrial park, green chemical industrial park, and Longmenshan mountain tourism cluster)industrial function areas layout revolving around reshaping the economic geography and industrial ecosystem construction to speed up the construction of six leading industrial clusters of aerospace, biomedicine, additive manufacturing, green chemicals, mountain tourism and urban agriculture.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Gao Fan, chairman of our company, as the representative of the pharmaceutical company realized strategic cooperation agreement on building the Hongjinxiaojie Tablet, the miglitol tablet production line and the FDA workshop project and the promotion of  the small-capacity injection production line and the supporting warehouse and R&D center project in Pengzhou with Pengzhou Government, so as to contribute to the optimization of industrial structure and economic development in Pengzhou. The two sides will share the results of mutually beneficial cooperation.


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