Tibet AIM Pharm Successfully Listed in Modern Medical Section of the A-share Market


On December 9, Tibet AIM Pharm, a large-scale comprehensive pharmaceutical listed company from the Tibet Autonomous Region, was listed on SMEs board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, making it the 13th listed company in the Tibet Autonomous Region. It marked that the A-share market’s total number of shares exceeded 3,000 for the first time for 26 years.

It is an important milestone for Tibet AIM Pharm to successfully land in capital market in the history of the company's development. Tibet AIM Pharm will firmly grasp this once-in-a-lifetime policy opportunity and take advantage of the reforms to respond to the country's call. The company stays aggressive, innovative and pragmatic in terms of consistency evaluation, standardized marketing network, product upgrades, etc., and writes down a brand new chapter in innovation.

In December 2014, Tibet AIM Pharm completed the shareholding system transformation and officially changed its name to Tibet AIM Pharm Inc. It is a well-known R&D, production and sales enterprise of chemical pharmaceuticals and Chinese patent medicine in Tibet Autonomous Region. In recent years, Tibet AIM Pharm has developed rapidly due to its unique biological resources. Adhering to the R&D-driven business philosophy, it now has 21 invention patents, 8 new drug certificates and 21 drug production registration approvals including many domestic first generic drug patents and award-winning patents. At present, Tibet AIM Pharm has formed a development pattern featuring mainly coronary heart disease medication and partly diabetes, obstetrics and gynecology, rheumatoid osteoarthrosis, reproductive endocrine system and nerve system medication as well as the development of Tibetan medicine. It has entered into a long-term cooperative relationship with well-known pharmaceutical enterprises.

Through this IPO, Tibet AIM Pharm issued 47.43 million new shares at a price of 6.06 yuan/share, and the total amount of funds raised will be 287 million yuan. After deducting the issuance expenses, the net proceeds from Tibet AIM Pharm will be used for “small volume injection production line and supporting warehouse and R&D center”, “highland barley tea series health product new development”, marketing network integration and construction projects, etc. The net amount of funds is expected to be 252 million yuan.

As the 13th listed company in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet AIM Pharm pays great attention to the development and utilization of ethnic medical resources. At present, Tibet AIM Pharm has built a Tibetan medicinal planting base in Linzhi and is preparing to launch its efforts in the health care products market. Tibet AIM Pharm will launch its own brand and self-produced highland barley tea series health drinks with a total investment of 31.48 million yuan. Compared with other pharmaceutical companies, Tibet AIM Pharm's Qinglan highland barley tea health drink will take advantage of Tibet's unique biological resources. The main raw materials of its products are basically from Tibetan areas, including rare materials such as barley, maca and sea buckthorn. Giving full play to the unique bio-geographical advantages of Tibet is one of the characteristics of Tibet AIM Pharm.

In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry has been pursuing the principle of “developing medical industry through technology”. The government grants inventive for enterprises to actively promote research on Chinese medicine and accelerate the formulation of standardization and modernization of Chinese medicine development and production. In the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the Pharmaceutical Industry", it has been clearly stated to "cultivate modern Chinese medicines with precise curative effect, high safety, advanced dosage forms and stable and controllable quality".

Tibet AIM Pharm pointed out as the company develops in the same direction with the requirements put forward by the state in the pharmaceutical industry, it will increase the construction investment of the production base, maintain the company's product quality, and will build a small-capacity injection production line for the development of injectionproducts. The company revealed that with the country's continuous policy guidelines for the pharmaceutical and health industry, as well as the continuous advancement of country's medical reforms, the pharmaceutical industry policies are intensively issued to guide the industry to develop in a more efficient and rational direction, thus bring about reform for the pharmaceutical industry. In the meanwhile, this will definitely have a positive impact on improving the concentration of the pharmaceutical industry and the promoting industrial upgrading. In the future, Tibet AIM Pharm will continue to firmly adhere to the tenet of “dedicating to the pharmaceutical industry and serving the people's health”, adhere to the corporate philosophy of “simple and concise, true and good practice; honesty and prosperity, pursuit of excellence”, make innovation and development, gradually develop into a large comprehensive pharmaceutical company.


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