Tibet AIM Pharm “Migltol” API Obtained Taiwan's Sales Approval


On December 8, the miglitol API of our company obtained the Drug License of Ministry of Health and Welfare effective until November 10, 2022, issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan. The acquisition of this license signifies that our company's miglitol API has been approved for sale in Taiwan market and officially entered the Taiwan API market. This is the first step for Tibet AIM Pharm to enter the market in Taiwan.

No pain, no gain. The project took only six months from the application for approval. In such a short period of time, obtaining the Taiwan sales license is inseparable from the company's quality and brand building of the miglitol API for many years. It is impossible without the hard work and sincere cooperation of the new medicine department, production department, material control department and quality department.

Currently, we are the only mainland company that has obtained the approval number of miglitol API in Taiwan. The acquisition of this license gives us another market radiation point after India of our company in the development of Southeast Asia market and the acquisition is not only conducive to the sustainable development of the pharmaceutical health industry across the Taiwan Strait, but also a milestone in the company's entry into the Southeast Asian market.


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